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Novelty Dog Toys

Unique Dog Toys

Purchasing dog toys is not just about fun for the dog; it is also about bring joy and fun to the people in the dog’s life as well. Novelty dog toys are a great way to bring a bit of excitement and thought into dog toy shopping. Novelty dog toys put a unique, and often funny twist on the run of the mill dog toys. The Novelty dog toys available from Poochie Heaven are original and creative takes on the old conventional dog toys. Have your own bit of fun and find a dog toy for your dog that speaks to you, and your funny bone!

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Novelty dog toys are dog toys with a humorous twist. Many draw from the old stereotypical items associated with dogs and turn them into chewable playful dog toys. For example, Poochie Heaven offers some very delightful plush dog toys shaped like shoes and rolled up newspapers. Finally, there are shoes that it is completely acceptable for your dog to chew!

The unique dog toys also take items that are not typically associated with dogs and turn them into toys in humorous ways. You can now purchase a smart phone for your pampered pup; your dog will have a ton of fun playing fetch with his or her very own iBone. You can enjoy a classy game of tug-o-war with your dog over a one of a kind Chewy Vuitton plush dog toy purse. Poochie Heaven has all of these fun, hilarious, and creative novelty dog toys and many more to choose from.

Novelty dog toys are just as useful and durable as regular dog toys. You can still play all of the same games as you could with conventional dog toys. Many of the novelty toys are not for powerful aggressive chewers, but otherwise they hold up just as well as other dog toys. For the aggressive chewers, you would still need a durable dog toy.  Novelty dog toys are great for throwing, catching, and fetching games. They are also great choices for dogs who like to carry toys and keep them with them like stuffed animals.

 Spice up your dog’s play time with some fun and exciting novelty dog toys. You will have a great time browsing our vast selection of original and inspired novelty dog toy options. There are so many hilarious novelty dog toys available, you may have trouble choosing only one design that you love. You will enjoy these comical and cute toys so much, you will enjoy play time with your dog even more. Choose the one that you find the best, and that you believe your dog will enjoy, and start having some fun right away!

Novelty dog toys also make great gifts for any of the dog lovers in your life!