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Dog Sweaters

Protect your dog from the cold weather with a dog sweater or coat for him. A winter dog coat is perfect for those chilly night time walks through the long winter! There are many stylish dog sweaters and hoodies to choose from, warm dog clothing your dog can wear all day.

We have a huge selection of sweaters to keep the chill away. We have sweaters that will fit the smallest yorkie to the largest Great Dane and every size inbetween. We have wool sweaters and lightweight sweaters that will fit the climate that you live in.

Whether you live in the Southern part of the United States and are looking for a light dog jacket or in the Northern part and need a very warm dog jacket, you have many options. Fleece dog jackets and those jackets with a water proof outside and fleece inside are the best for those looking for a multipurpose dog jacket. Both of our pet sweaters are made from wool or acrylic!

Dog Sweater or Dog Jacket?

  • Dog sweaters are best for use indoors and for short potty breaks.
  • Dog jackets, especially those with a waterproof exterior, are better for long walks and trips.
  • Fleece dog coats are best for those looking for extra warmth.