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Tents for Dogs

Dog Tents are a great way to make your dog feel secure. They are especially good for those shy dogs that need a place to get away from all the loudness of some households.

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Dog Tents and Puppy Tents

Dogs are territorial creatures. They love to mark and designate their own special areas. This can be your yard, your home, or a particular seat on your couch. Having an area that belongs to them gives the dog a feeling of security and makes them happy. You can give your dog his or her own very special room to retreat to by choosing a dog tent. A dog tent is a very cute enclosed dog bed that your dog can sleep in at night, and play or rest in during the day. Your dog will feel like queen or king of their castle with their very own dog tent.

Some home owners worry about how a bulky dog bed or piece of dog furniture will look in their home, but dog tents are designed to look classy and elegant, blending in with the décor of your home effortlessly. These designer dog tents are as far as you can get from the drab traditional army pup tent. Puppy tents from Poochie Heaven are designed to act as miniature mansions for your pampered pooch, where they can sleep and nap in luxury. You can choose from dog tents that are as sleek and discrete, or as flashy and fun as you would like.

If you have a small dog that tends to become very anxious when company is over, a tent for dogs can have a very calming effect. With a dog tent where your anxious puppy can feel safe and secure, you would no longer have to avoid inviting people over to your home or hosting parties on special occasions. A feeling of enclosure comforts dogs, and your nervous dog can contentedly take refuge in a pet tent.

What better way to help your dog feel more comfortable and welcome in your home than providing him or her with a bedroom? Dogs can easily become very stressed, and possibly act out if they do not feel that they have a safe place to retreat to when they would like to be alone. A pet tent provides an enclosed place where your dog can go to at any time when they would like to rest, sleep, or simply be alone. A dog tent will act as the dog’s bedroom and playhouse. Poochie Heaven is happy to provide a great selection of designer dog tents that are sure to please the pickiest of pooches.

To help make your dog feel even more at home in their small or large dog tent, consider adding a dog blanket.