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Large Dog Beds

Find many stylish large dog beds that are most comfortable!

Great looking large dog beds! Why should the small dogs be the only ones with cute designer dog beds? Of course they shouldn’t be! Large dogs need their own special beds just as much, if not more than small dogs. Poochie Heaven offers a great selection of large and extra-large dog beds for those large breed dogs who deserve a comfortable place to sleep too. These large dog beds are just as comfortable and stylish as the small beds, just in larger sizes.

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Large Dog Beds

Small dogs often have the luxury of sleeping in your bed or on your other furniture. Large dogs are usually too large to be accommodated by our furniture. However, they do need their own beds. It is a big mistake to think that it is perfectly normal to have your large dog sleep on the floor. Sleeping on these hard surfaces, even if they are carpeted, can cause your large dog to develop sores, callouses, or even joint and back problems, as they get older.

As the night progresses, your floors can become very cold. Imagine walking around your house at night without socks on. Not too comfortable is it? This is the same cold that your large dog is sleeping on all night long if they do not have a comfortable large dog bed to call their own.

Dog beds for large dogs are made of very durable materials that are very soft and comfortable and they can endure the wear and tear of your large dog. Poochie Heaven has many different large dog beds available that will fit the needs of your large dog. There are round beds if your dog likes to curl up while it sleeps, or large rectangle beds for large dogs that like to stretch themselves out while they rest. There are many chic large dog bed designs that will look great in your home.

Beds for big dogs will give your big dog a sense of security to know they have a certain place in to go if they want to rest. Having this nice comfortable bed to relax in will calm your dog and allow them to be less anxious throughout the days and nights. Dogs need a feeling of closeness and enclosure to feel loved and secure. Your dog will also enjoy the extra comfort of a large dog bed providing a large layer of soft insulation between their body and the cold carpet or a hardwood floor.

These larger dog beds are perfect for Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Labs, Boxers, Great Danes, St. Bernards, Dobermans, Mastiffs, Dalmatians, Golden Retrievers, and any other large dog breed! Start shopping now for a cozy extra large dog bed for your big dog!

To keep your dog extra warm through the night, you should consider dog pajamasor a dog blanket to go with their large dog bed.