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Designer Dog Beds

High class, high quality designer dog beds!

Designer dog beds are for those extra spoiled dogs. They are exceptionally beautiful. Designer dog beds are also more expensive than a typical dog bed, but with the added expense, come additional comfort, style, uniqueness, and quality. The great thing about these luxury beds is that you won't find them in big box pet stores. You wouldn’t want a cheap, poorly made, or ugly bed for yourself would you? Purchase a designer dog bed that is so luxurious you will be jealous of your spoiled pooch.

Why luxury dog beds?

  • High quality fabric and materials. Unlike many dog beds made in China, these beds are made with the highest quality fabrics and materials available.
  • They won't break down and fade after a single use.
  • You have a beautiful house, why ruin it with an ugly dog bed?

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Designer Dog Beds

Stop wasting your time with generic cheap pet store dog beds. Generic dog beds are typically poorly made, stick out like a sore thumb in your home, and if your dog actually enjoys using the bed, they do not last very long. Think of purchasing a dog bed as making an investment and purchase a designer dog bed. A designer dog bed is a smart investment because it will add to your dog’s happiness and well being much longer than ordinary dog beds.

Luxury designer dog beds come in many different sizes and colors, such as pink and cream, to fit even the most luxurious rooms. You can easily find a large designer dog bed that will flawlessly fit the décor of your home and look great. Choose from designer dog beds that are more discrete, or choose one that is bold and unique. Designer dog beds are designed to meet the highest style standards as well as the highest comfort standards. If you want the best for your dog, you need a designer dog bed.

If you do not supply your pet with a suitable dog bed, they are going to begin sleeping in your bed, or on your furniture. A luxury dog bed will not only look gorgeous in your home, but it will also keep your dog from waking you at night, or getting fur or scratch marks on your existing furniture. A small designer dog bed allows your dog to have their own piece of beautiful furniture so that they do not have to use yours.

If you love your dog, show just how much you care by rewarding him or her with a great night’s sleep. Dogs need to be well rested or they may begin to act out and develop bad behaviors. The best way to pamper your pet and ensure a comfortable night of sleep is with a high class and high quality designer dog bed.

Keep your dog even warmer in the designer dog bed with a dog blanket.